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"The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see."

G.K. Chesterton


Let me introduce you to the "land of Smiles" Siam, or as it is known these days - Thailand.
Known as Siam until 1939 the name was then changed to Thailand.  It changed back to Siam in 1945 and then once again renamed Thailand in 1948!
Bangkok was named after the Ma Kok Canal and Bang Ma Kok.  Known in Thai as "Krung Thep" or the "City of Angels".
I hope to show you why I love this country and its people.  Come with an open mind and a sense of fun in your heart  or "sanook"  as the gentle Thai's would say.
I guarantee you will leave Siam with a greater appreciation of the people and their country.
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"My heart flutters whenever I think of the adventure I had with Lindy in Thailand - I'd go back in a heartbeat"  S.J. Queensland
"It was great to be living more amongst the locals than in some posh hotel where you just went next door to shop.....I gained a better understanding of how a country of so many people functioned." L.K. Queensland